I am a professional photographer from India. I love to travel around the globe and take beautiful photos of great people.

A celebrity photographer is a professional who earns their living by taking pictures of public figures. Examples of public figures include performers in the field of entertainment, well-known business professionals, athletes, public servants, politicians, and other newsworthy individuals. This specialized form of photography requires a high level of spontaneity and aggressiveness, due to the intense competition and basic nature of the job.

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Fashion photography is a popular photography genre, but it is also highly competitive. Understanding the different types of fashion photography can give you the edge you need to both understand the field and impress potential clients with your images.

Making sure that your emotions flow with the fabric and reach the audience. Conceptualising, styling and communicating to portray the feel of the garment.

Food photography is a still-life photography genre used to create attractive still-life photographs of food. It is a specialization of commercial photography, the products of which are used in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist, and their assistants.

Serving you with appealing photographs of your delicious creations! Collaborating the efforts of a photographer, art director, and food and prop stylist, providing you with the best outcome.

Advertising photography is all about photographing objects to be covered by advertising. The purpose of advertising photography is to show items in the most attractive way and to encourage their purchase. … They can be found in various catalogs, brochures, price lists, brochures or advertising on billboards.

It’s the photograph that first attracts the viewer! Let us pave the way between you and your clients. Designing, creating and executing as suggested by the client is my main aim. Playing with light to show the dynamics of the product to provide you with photographs that communicate.

Editorial photography is images that appear alongside the text in print or online publications. Editorial-style images are created to help tell a story or support the narrative in the text, with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone for the piece.

Providing visual context to a story and making print media more interactive and attractive. The aim is to bring the best out of the environment and visuals.

Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors, and exteriors. The images can be taken for the purposes of art. Or to document the aesthetic of a structure.

The photographs become a medium of communication between the producer and consumer. Presenting your product accurately and attractively, increasing the quality of the visual content of your brand.

Interior photography is the art in which photographers revolve their work around different interior designs an infrastructure has to offer. They have the ability to create a masterpiece with what appears to be a dull interior.

Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors, and exteriors. The images can be taken for the purposes of art. Or to document the aesthetic of a structure.

Sam as a photographer has been commissioned to photograph and art direct some of the most beautiful coffee table books on varied topics be it mirrors or a place or any organization of repute. 

Sam as a photographer has an uncanny neck of picking up the right topic and getting to the depth of the subject to bring out the best. These Coffee Table Books are a best Reflection of his Creative Masterpieces.

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