About Me

Born and raised in New Delhi, INDIA, I have spent half of my life in the Education Industry. Constantly being around imagination and imagery, I found myself questioning how photos in books were lit, composed, and exposed. I became so interested that I went and bought a camera and a tripod with one of my friend . . . started experimenting all by myself . . . .

So, fifteen years ago, I started my journey as a Photographer. It has been such a wonderful experience, life-changing really. What started out as a fun, creative outlet for me is blossoming into more than I could have ever dreamed of. For that I truly am grateful.

Over those past fifteen years, I’ve learned just how important photography is, and why I believe that it is a foundation of our lives. It’s more than just reproducing the world around us, or capturing a moment in time. It’s a catalyst for inspiration. It connects us and reminds us of what truly matters to us as individuals. It can transport us to a place that we never could have dreamed of, or take us back home. Those are the ideals that help me to define my voice as a photographer.

Armed with a camera, a loud laugh, and some broken-in dreams of yesteryears I have mainly been shooting portraits, advertisings, and some retail ad campaigns. Basically any carbon-based lifeform. I currently live in peaceful Outskirts of Delhi. I cherish my family, love my friends, and look forward to meeting new people as often as humanly possible.


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